I’m a down to Earth, easy going, southern girl. I excessively use the word “y’all” and own a pair of cowboy boots just like a true Texan.

I am 100% ME when we are together. I have a natural ability to connect and engage with others from all walks of life. I have never met a stranger.

My two dogs usually get all of my free time. They are pretty freakin’ awesome!

But, when they let me out of the house, I enjoy concerts and festivals, spontaneous trips to Colorado, working out and frozen margaritas on a patio with tons of sun!

I laugh loudly, smile constantly and truly love making the people around me do the same!

I’m excited to meet you…..there is a reason you found me. <3


New photo shoot next weekend with a fave photographer.
Yall get ready for some ass & titties 😍😎😘

Me: you don’t look anything like your Facebook photo

Potential client: LOL no, that’s my golden retriever Max

*phone silence for several minutes*

Me: is Max coming or

Thank you to everyone that has sent in dontaions for the dogs!!!
Please consider a small gift for needy pups in DFW.... https://t.co/2j2K7Oj5mk

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